Call It What You Want

Hey peeps- sorry i haven’t been blogging in a while. College is technically my job and I needed to focus on my studies. I have been missing my music blog though- so here we go!


Foster the People- where did this band come from? It feels like “Pumped Up Kicks” just came out of nowhere and onto the radio. I loved the song right away and it was a definite success for the band. But, I have done further research into the band and they are just a gem to find amongst all the bands popping up nowadays. I couldn’t really put my finger on what genre FTP were, but iTunes got it spot on: “electro-indie-pop-rock”. This album is said to be as fresh as sunshine and as refreshing as a surf wave. “The group have touches of California sunbaked pop in their repertoire, but there’s also a dark Euro-disco groove lurking in some of their songs (Don’t Stop Color the Walls).”

This is not just a one hit band- I see a future for these California natives. I’m just too excited because they will be performing at Big Day Out in Auckland, NZ in January- right around the time I’ll be visiting my sister there 🙂

                                                                                                                 Foster the People – Call It What You Want


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